MONROE, La (KTVE/KARD)– The December 10th elections are right around the corner. It’s important to be prepared for what’s on the ballot before getting to the polls. We took a deeper look at proposed constitutional amendment number 2 and broke it down.

Dr. John Sutherlin, a political science professor at ULM, told us exactly what proposed Amendment 2 is. “The proposed Second Amendment deals with the State Civil Service Commission.” Right now, the governor appoints all of the members to it. This amendment would allow for some Senate control by appropriating each one of the members that come from the sixth congressional district.

Sutherlin also went over the pros and cons. “If you were in favor of the Second Amendment, I think what you would say is that this allows for senators to have some level of control and some check and balance over the governor’s office, who currently appoints all of the members to the Civil Service Commission.” I think most people who would be opposed to the second amendment would say, “This is just simply an unnecessary level of additional bureaucracy.” It’s not something that the people have really championed for. “This is really something to shift power, if you will.” 

Finally, Sutherlin goes over whether this will cost anything. “There doesn’t seem to be any additional costs associated with this other than that this will require the Senate to spend time on the approval process.”