BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) – On Wednesday morning, 42-year-old Devroy Findlater was transferred to Bay County law enforcement where he faces grand theft charges.

The Office is accusing Findlater of stealing $250,000 from a Panama City resident, 83-year-old Guy Crittendon.

Crittendon received a call saying he won a sweepstakes with prices valued at $9 million and a new car. In order to receive the funds, Findlater told Crittendon he had to send 2% of his prize to a Daytona Beach address.

Between July 24th and August 8th, Crittendon bought cashier’s checks with his own money and deposited them into local Wells Fargo and Truist Branches.

One of the last transactions involved mailing $55,000 in cash through shipping companies.

Volusia County authorities were suspicious of the operation when the cash-filled box fell out of a delivery truck.

“That package that had actually fallen off of a FedEx truck and busted open and it was suspicious that there was cash inside of this box,” said BCSO Investigator Rebecca Smith.

Volusia deputies were able to receive a warrant for Findlater’s residence. Inside the home, they found uncashed check from Crittendon and other victims. Findlater was subsequently arrested.

Out of the $250,000 stolen, $55,000 has been recovered. Bay County officials hope to freeze the accounts holding the remainder and return the funds.