David Nasser preaches in West Monroe and talks about his journey to America and walk of Faith


WEST MONROE, LA (10/06/19)– “Americas been the greatest place in the world for me because that’s where I came to know Christ,” said David Nasser, Campus Pastor at Liberty University.

A change that impacted David Nasser’s life on earth and in his eternal life. Nasser and his family fled Iran when he was 9 years old during the Iranian Revolution.

“I came here as a Shia Muslim and when I was 18 years old I became a Christian and God called me to ministry and that’s what I’ve been doing sense,” said Nasser.

Now, he’s a well known Christian author and pastor… and this week he’s spreading the word right here in West Monroe.

“There is a calling on my life to proclaim the Gospel and so that’s my greatest motivation, to know Christ intimately and then to make him known. This is a great opportunity to do that,” said Nasser.

Some may say Nasser always believed in a religion, but he says Islam and Christianity are two different worlds.

“Islam was a religion, where I saw some really well intended behavior modification, where as Christianity is a faith,” said Nasser.

Nasser says the Gospel is for everyone, rich or poor, bad or good, black, white and everyone in between.

“I think politically, we are wise to be very skeptical of the administration in Iran and the leadership there, but at the same time, as Christians we have to see the Iranian people not as the enemy but the prize of God,” said Nasser.

He says his calling is to leave an impact on every person he comes into contact with.
“I’m here in West Monroe to just come along the side of a church that is about eternal change in the life of people,” said Nasser.

You can hear David Nasser speak tonight and Monday night at 6:00 pm at First West Baptist Church.

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