WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Hairstyles come in all forms and after a couple of years of hair-related bills being rejected in the House Committee, House Bill 1083 “The Crown Act” has passed through the Louisiana House earlier this month.

Supporters of the bill await for Louisiana Senate to vote on the prevention of discrimination related to hair-dos. The state of Louisiana would join 14 other states that have enforced similar laws over the past few years

The bill is called The Crown Act and stands for Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair. A national push to prohibit discrimination against someone for their natural hair texture and protective styles also facial characteristics for both men and women.

Louisiana State Representative Candance N. Newell spoke with your weather station about why Louisiana Senate needs to pass this bill.

“for years it has been professionalism has been equated to Eurocentric characteristics which is a straight hair of slender features and that’s just not the case straight hair does not equate to professionalism,” says Newell.

The movement began in 2019 to protect someone with texturized hair and protective styles such as curls twist braids and Locke which have become popular in today’s hair trends however many workplaces and schools has a policy to discourage people to wear those kinds of hairstyles.

“You have administration making policies and decisions without considering the entire body of students and they don’t take into those considerations as to what things they’re putting in place and how we can negatively impact someone else,” says Newell.

Digital report of your weather station Mysherie Johnson shared with us how proud she is of wearing her natural hair “I’ve tried to have that standard of view that people know with straight hair but now that this possibly could become a law it gives me more confidence to wear my hair natural and it just makes me feel even more proud that our state legislators are looking out for people like me who have natural hair and decide to wear their hair natural,” says Johnson.

The bill will be reviewed by the Louisiana Senate Tuesday, May 31st.