CRIME: Thieves make off with tree services’ equipment


MONROE, LA (02/26/20)– After planting their roots in the twin cities over 30 years ago, Munholland Tree Service was hit with a shock they didn’t see coming.

“They took all of our saws. Broke into our shop building for floor jacks, chains, binders, hand tools, and they just wiped us out,” said Tony Munholland, Owner of Munholland Tree Service.

On Sunday, thieves went onto the Munhollands’ land and stole their white 2006 chevy work truck, every single saw they had, and anything else that had value.

“They even got to the point where, we buy oil in bulk, and it just blows my mind that they just loaded up all the oil,” said Munholland.

However, it didn’t stop there. The thieves smashed two office windows and cut the lock off the tool shed. Fortunately, the dump trucks and bucket trucks were not stolen, but they were vandalized and gutted.

“They beat the locks off of this [bucket truck] and then they pried all the bins loose on the truck. This is where we kept our saws and stuff. Of course, once they got into it, they just cleaned the bins out,” said Munholland.

It’s been wet the past few weeks across the ArkLaMiss leading to saturated grounds. Tony Munholland says this can be their busiest time of year, but being a tree service without tree service equipment puts the business at a loss.

As of right now, this is the only equipment Munholland Tree Service has to work with. Some saws came from friends, others came from home, and a few came out of retirement just to get the job done.

Munholland says it will cost around $30,000 to replace everything that was stolen. That’s not including the loss of a day’s pay due to not having the equipment needed to get to work.

“You know this is stuff we make a living with. It’s stuff we use every day. All of a sudden we couldn’t even do a job Monday afternoon. We hope to get our stuff back,” said Munholland.

Munholland Tree Service was able to work today on a tree that split in the bad weather with the little and old equipment they have. They are asking if you see the car or run across tree equipment being sold to call the sheriff’s office.

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