COVID-19 safety precautions for voting in Ouachita Parish; July 11th Elections


MONROE, La (07/10/20) — Voting precincts are getting the machines ready for voters on Saturday as workers load trucks from the warehouse to polling places. Bags have safety tools and cleaning supplies that will be going to each precinct head.

“They will have gloves, paper gowns, face mask shields and they will wear them from the time the polls open to the time they close. All voters are encouraged to please wear their face masks and gloves if possible,” said Dana Benson, Ouachita Parish Clerk of Court.

For social distancing measures, lines will have voters spaced out.

“Where there is dual precincts we will try to keep them separated as much as possible,” said Benson.

Benson says they’re doing everything they can to provide a safe environment so voters will still come out to cast a ballot.

“There’s no reason for them to be scared to vote. Everything will be sanitized, over and over again. The machines will be wiped down after every person votes. Every time someone picks up a pen to write their name, the pen will be sanitized and put in a separate area,” said Benson.

Polls open at 7am Saturday and close at 8pm sharp.

“If you’re planning on voting, make sure that you’re in line by eight o’clock. At eight, the commissioner or the commissioner in charge will go to the end of the line and no one after that will be allowed to vote,” said Benson.

To find your voting precinct go to this website. For all over voting information, go here.

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