WEST MONROE, La (KTVE/KTVE)– The Ike Hamilton is hosting the Cotton Stake Classic cattle cutting competition this week.

Cotton Stake Classic announcer Tom Holt said, “This is an event where horses work cattle, and it’s called cutting, and it’s a high-dollar event. It costs quite a bit to enter, but it brings a lot of people to town, and while they’re here in town, they spend a lot of money because they don’t live here. “So they have hotel rooms and restaurants and sightseeing, all the things that go with being in West Monroe and in Monroe, Louisiana.”

The history of cattle cutting goes way back Holt said. “Cutting developed in the old West, where the old ranches would run all their cows together. So they’d have to cut those cows apart and all when they had to go to market or dock, and that’s how it started, and then the cowboys who owned the horses and cows started competing over who had the better horse, and that’s how the event started.”

The event is free to any spectators and will be going all week and ends on Sunday, September 11.