Cotton sees good yield this year, Rayville Producers Gin set to make history


RAYVILLE, LA (10/23/19) Rayville Producers Incorporated is the only cotton gin in Northeast Louisiana. producing 65 to 70 bales an hour, the gin has its hands full processing this year’s yield.

“We bring in the raw materials, the raw cotton they pick out in the fields, we’re ginning the lint it actually grows out of the seed, we cut the lint off of the seed, we clean the lint and bale it into a package that farmer can sell” says Tom Calloway, Manager of Rayville Producers Inc.

Although cotton had a rough start, the season yielded one of the best crops in a while. Mother Nature can largely be credited for that.

“We got the plant matured pretty early because of the heat units we had. We didn’t have rain to rot the bowls at the bottom so we’ve got a healthy bottom crop. And I think that’s a big contributing factor to the above average yields this year” says Edward Greer, President of Rayville Producers Inc.

Lower prices from corn and soybean crops helped more cotton be planted this year as well.

“We’re looking to gin somewhere in the total of, area of one hundred twenty, one hundred twenty five thousand bales” says Calloway. Once they hit that magic number it’ll be the most ginned by a single gin in Louisiana’s history. Not only that, they’re also providing economic opportunities both on and off the property.

As cotton continues to make a comback in Richland Parish, not only will the gin become more efficient, more cotton being produced means more money for the community.

“It’s extremely encouraging now to see that cotton is returning to Northeast Louisiana and to Richland parish. The economic multiplier for cotton is about 7 1/2 to 9 so every dollar that’s produced is 9 more dollars that get spread throughout the community” says Scott Franklin, Richland Parish Chamber.

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