Only burned remains of a house once shared by Clarissa Hector and her then-boyfriend, Russell Flowers.
This prompts a dramatic courtroom hearing on Tuesday when Flowers’ defense attorney requested he be allowed to live outside the parish with a friend.
“The court had no objection to him being able to reside with a friend of his 5 miles out of the parish, because while Mr. Flowers was incarcerated somebody burned down his house,” says defense attorney, Brent Stockstill.
“I think he should stay here, I think he should’ve gotten the ankle monitor, you know, I think he should stay here,” says suspect and Flowers’ ex-girlfriend, Clarissa Hector. 
It’s a case of he said she said.
Authorities say the mother of a murdered 5 year old girl, and her ex-boyfriend, are pointing fingers at each other in the child’s death.
Hector and Flowers are both charged with second degree murder in the case.
Investigators say both suspects told them the girl died from drowning in the river.  
But, an autopsy revealed she was killed by blunt force trauma from being spanked with a belt.
According to authorities, both suspects claim they lied at the request of the other person.    
Meanwhile.. the state Fire Marshall is still in the process of investigating the fire that consumed flowers’ home while he was behind bars. 
“It’s my understanding that there could be an arson investigation dealing with possible people that burned down his house,” says Stockstill. 
“They’ve already investigated our family and we’re all cleared, you know?” says Hector.