RUSTON, La (KTVE/KARD)– Congresswoman Julia Letlow held a Townhall for veterans at the Ruston Civic Center. The veterans were able to get their questions answered by the congresswoman.

Retired U.S Airforce Lt. Colonel Ewing Collier offered his thoughts on the event. “You know, its just unbelievable for her to be here, and it means so much to us to see it firsthand and it really means a lot.”

Congresswoman Letlow now holds a chair on the appropriations committee, and this is something that has the veterans excited.

Collier said Letlow “really had her hand on what’s going on, especially the part about the appropriations committee and a willingness to stand up for the veterans.”

Veterans also gave thoughts on what they hope Letlow will do in the future.

Doug Leavitt who is retired from the airforce said he hopes, “The veterans get an even shake, they get taken care of especially in the area of health benefits and also in my case Homelessness.”