CONCORDIA PARISH, La. (KTVE/KARD) — The Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office has launched an improved software to help dispatchers respond to emergencies more effectively.

The new software is called Prepared Live. Sheriff of the Concordia Parish David Hendrick says this could be a game changer when responding to emergency calls.

“We need some safety here in Ferriday. We need it badly,” Ferriday resident Gail Hall said.

The new program comes after their previous software called 911 Eye was no longer available in the U.S. Hedrick says this technology offers citizens new features such as texting and a more advanced pinpoint GPS location.

“The App is going to tell if the person is on the third floor in the second room to the right. It’s very specific about the location there. Once that link is received, we open it up, and deputies know exactly where to go.”

The software will also offer a translation service.

“If they can text us, but they don’t speak English, the App recognizes what they are saying, and it will text back to us about what they are saying,” explained Hedrick. “And we will be able to respond by texting, and it’s going to send a Spanish response to them.”

Prepared live will allow 911 dispatchers to provide a higher quality of service to the community.

“We can link our deputies responding to the call. They will be able to see what’s going on, or what’s happening. They will be able to identify the perpetrator, in case he leaves the residence, and it will give us a first-hand estimate about what is happening. So, it’s not just word against word,” Hedrick said.

The new software is now up and running. To contact the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office click here.