CONCORDIA PARISH, La. (KTVE/KARD) – Concordia Parish became the first parish in Louisiana to implement 911 Eye Technology through the parish 911 Communications Center to improve the safety of its citizens. 

“You call 911 from somewhere, we’re gonna send you that link, all you gotta do, it’s gonna come up on your screen, you’re gonna push it and that’s gonna activate it and we’re gonna see what you see.” Says Concordia Parish Sheriff, David Hedrick.  

The new 911 Eye Emergency Streaming aims to improve safety right from where you are, and it will allow local officials to know the real story of what’s going on during this live stream from your phone. 

Sheriff David Hedrik says anyone can use the live stream, whether you are a victim of domestic violence, lost or even at school and you need help. 

If something happens at one of our schools, pray to God that they don’t, if it does happen in any kind of emergency, the teacher can call 911. We’ll send the link, they will accept the link and it will show us exactly what’s going on in the classroom and show us what the problem is so we can better identify the perpetrator.” Says Hedrick.  

“If it’s gonna protect myself and somebody else that is in trouble, yeah, I feel like it’s gonna be pretty safe, I’ll use it.” Says a local resident, Laurence Carter.  

“Any situation when you’re in danger and somebody needs help but can’t hold onto anybody.” Says another local resident, Caleb Smith.

The program received a $15,000 fund by Syrah Technologies helping Concordia Parish to become even safer.

“It’s a good thing for Concordia Parish to implement this. A lot of good things happen when you try to make good things happen.” Added another resident.