MONROE, La (06/23/20) — The Community Development Division is asking City Council to approve two resolutions to give funds for local homeless services and programs.

This isn’t the first time The Wellspring and The Christopher Youth Center are using funding from the Community Development Block grant. Over the past 20 years, funding has been given to help the homeless population in Monroe.

“It has helped us operate our safe shelter for domestic violence survivors. It helps to cover shelter operations and in more recent years, the past decade, it has helped to provide services for the general homeless population as well,” said Caroline Cascio, President and CEO of The Wellspring.

“It’s meant that we’ve been able to continue services that we would’ve otherwise had to discontinue, for example our homeless prevention services. This funding is the only funding that supports that service, so without it we simple couldn’t have it apart of our program,” said Ella Nimmers, Executive Director for Christopher Youth Center.

If the funding passes, it will give over $120,000 split between both organizations allowing them to serve the community.

“If they meet the certain eligability requirements they can work with The Wellspring to access these funds and have a first months rent or deposits and that sort of thing covered through this program,” said Cascio.

And even though both centers have received the funding in years past, they’re hopeful for the future and being a part of the grant in years to come.

“Hopefully we’ll be able to expand and the funding will increase and we’ll be able to help more people,” said Nimmers.

“You know we hope to continue to be able to provide help and hope for those that need it and keep them housed safely,” said Cascio.

Monroe City Council will be voting tonight to approve the two resolutions at the city council meeting. If approved, the funds will be distributed accordingly to both organizations.