COMMUNITY CLEANUP: Volunteers picked up more than 215 bags of trash


UPDATE: MONROE, LA (KTVE/KARD)– The efforts to keep Monroe District 5 clean continued into today as volunteers picked up trash around the Zoo and the Bryant’s Addition. Kema Dawson, Monroe City Council District 5 member, has hosted multiple community clean up events over the past few months. Today’s focus was on cleaning up the streets and neighborhoods leading up to the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo. Officials say with this area being clean, it will draw more attention to the zoo. Volunteers say they want to see a change in their community and one way to help, is by volunteering.

“I think it is important because we can’t complain about something without trying to be the resolution as well. So it’s important that we all get involved and keep it beautiful,” said Candace Hawk, volunteer.

Today, the’re was more than 215 bags filled with trash and debris from ditches, curbs, and roadways. On Saturday, October 24, you can help volunteer at the zoo for another Community Clean-Up event.
Kema Dawson says this is the main attraction in District 5 and it’s important for it to be cleaned up so it can bring in visitors.

MONROE, LA (KTVE/KARD)- South Monroe may look a little different after volunteers spent their Saturday picking up litter. Almost 100 volunteers put on safety vests and grabbed trash bags starting at 6 a-m this morning, all for a community clean up right here in south Monroe. Officials say this is just the start for the southside and things could be changing for them in the future.

“It’s just been a great experience to see the community come together to clean up parts of the south side,” said Kema Dawson, Monroe City Council Member, District 5.

Volunteers picked up trash, one bottle at a time, in hopes of a cleaner southside.

“There is always room to clean up something, so we came out to do it,” said Jaylie White, volunteer.

Monroe City Council members wanted to take the initiative to clean up major streets including Winnsboro Road, South 2nd, and Wilson Street.

“Oh it’s fun, it’s great. I think for our 8 years old especially to see it’s not just about us but it’s about the community and everyone chips in,” said Chris Platt, volunteer.

While many residents say the southside has been overlooked for years, city officials encourage residents who live there to get involved and take action. This beautification initiative will not only help improve the quality of life but offer new businesses and jobs to the area.

“My hopes for the south side is that each individual resident and business owner that’s here in the south side to continue these efforts, not just let it happen once but continue it every month at least to just make sure the south side clean so we can bring about economic development and beautification to our city,” said Dawson.

Volunteers say today wasn’t about north or south Monroe, but being one city helping.

“Well I mean this is all our city. It’s just great to see everyone out here volunteering and keeping it clean and making a difference for sure,” said Platt.

Together, they cleaned up 12 tons of trash. Something they couldn’t have been accomplished without everyone who volunteered.

“It really just united everyone, cause we are all able to come together for a certain goal,” said Anna Grace Hanson, volunteer. “Yeah, we are all coming from different places but we’re all members of the Monroe community so it’s just amazing to all get-together,” said Sadie Keys, Volunteer.

Monroe City Council members say if you missed this cleanup, you can still make a difference in your community by picking up trash in your neighborhood.

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