Colonial Pipeline not expected to impact ArkLaMiss gas prices, supply


(KTVE/KARD) So far, the effects of the Colonial Pipeline shutdown have not really been felt across north Louisiana or southern Arkansas. Local oil companies say we likely won’t feel many effects from it.

As gas lines grow and prices increase to our East; here in the ArkLaMiss, many gas stations appear normal. This is largely due to the fact that virtually all of the oil and gas in our region does not come from this pipeline.

“The pipeline that supplies some of the locations is more to the west. The R.A.C. here in Monroe that’s supplied by fuel that is brought in on barges from different pipelines. That pipeline doesn’t supply the north Louisiana area, and we don’t anticipate any issues. So far, we haven’t had any” says Kathryn Reppond, Chief Operations Officer at Central Oil & Supply Corporation.

Any gas shortages and price hikes experienced in our area are the result of financial trickle down from other nationwide shortages.

“Transportation, refining costs, materials things like that” Reppond said.

But this shutdown has some residents skeptical about the future security of gas supply and prices.

“I don’t know what to believe from the people that are telling me, up there, you know, because you never know; they say something and then it’s something different, you know. but, i hope that they’re telling us the truth” says resident Casey Tyler Sikes.

And drivers can play a huge role in preventing a local gas shortage, or a huge spike at the pump.

“Don’t panic. There’s really nothing going on in our area. The only thing that could cause problems is if everyone does run out and start, you know, start trying to fuel up” Reppond said.

As it stands now, oil companies expect this pipeline to be back up within the next week or so.

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