Clearing the Air: Candidate for Morehouse Parish Sheriff talks suspected threats


BASTROP, La. (08/26/19) — A video of a candidate for Morehouse Parish Sheriff has some calling it a threat to law enforcement. Quotes like this:

“I respect the law but you two, don’t attempt to fool with me at all.”

were used throughout the near 30 minute long video.

Back in March tensions were high after a recent officer-involved shooting in Bastrop. Months later, candidate for Morehouse Parish Sheriff Ricky Anderson says he took to Facebook to discuss his frustrations.

“You two gentlemen don’t F with me period,” said Anderson in the Facebook post.

As a candidate for sheriff, KTVE/KARD asked Anderson why he made comments about two Bastrop police officers, “I was scared and I’m still scared of them today. They fear for their lives. I fear for my life,” said Anderson.

Some residents believe that Anderson was spewing threats, but he says that’s not the case.

“I am not a threat to anyone. I have high respect for law enforcement and my fellow law enforcement officers. I can work with those officers, any officers,” Anderson responded.

KTVE/KARD also sat down with the current sheriff of Morehouse Parish Mike Tubbs and he says as a law enforcement officer, it’s different on his side of the badge.

“We may not always get it right, but we’ll always be there, we’ll always return your phone calls, we’re a community,” he said.

And Tubbs says you can always count on him.

“If you’ll go to a football game you’ll see me there, if you go to a special church program you’ll see me there. I feel like I need to be engaged in the community and I feel like I’ve worked real hard to be there,” Tubbs said.

Anderson says it’s do or die time for Morehouse Parish and he’s ready to step up.

“I will do just that and they can hold me accountable for what I do. I think it’s time for a change,” said Anderson.

The election is October 12, KTVE/KARD will be sitting down with both candidates in the near future going in-depth and asking the questions that matter the most to you.

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