Cleaning for coronavirus: Tips from local cleaning companies to keep your house clean


OUACHITA PARISH, La (03/23/20) — Keeping high touch areas clean is a big way to keep your family safe. But with stores frequently running out of wipes and supplies, there are some ways to work around it.

“Our suggestions are bleach water. Take a half cup of bleach for a gallon of water and make their own Lysol wipes,” said Amy Luker, Manger of Professional Cleaning services of NELA, Inc.

After the solution is made, cut the paper towels in half and soak them in the bleach water, then store them in an old coffee can or a Ziploc bag.

“So you’re gonna wanna wipe down all your common surfaces, door handles, light fixtures, knobs, anything that everybody touches–basically everything from eye-level down. You’re gonna wanna clean that daily–several times a day if you can,” said Luker.

And if you’re more of an earth-saving type of person, “This is a quart mason jar, so what you need is 4 cups of water and 4 teaspoons of bleach,” said Judy Babb, Owner of Kelsey Klean. Use an old rag to put in the jar then use it for cleaning the nooks and cranny’s in your house.

“When you’re dealing with bleach always use your safety gloves, and then you can put the rag back in here, give it a little shake and reuse it over and over again,” said Babb. But it’s not just cleaning the house you should be doing consistently.

In your car, you can clean those high touch areas inside. Places like the steering wheel, the gear shift, and the radio. An extra tip from both local cleaning companies is to take off your shoes after being outside and spray or wipe them down with Lysol.

Both companies say it’s also important to wash clothes, bedding, and other soft surfaces often. The two companies we spoke with are Kelsey Klean and Professional Cleaning Services of NELA.

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