City officials talk with south Monroe residents about flood control project updates


MONROE, LA (01/16/20)– South Monroe residents attended tonight’s meeting about flood control. Floods in the past have left damage and worry among the community. However, the city of Monroe is investing 21 million dollars in completed, current, and future flood control improvements

“When you lose your home and have to go someplace else that’s a really difficult thing to do,” said Eugene Payen, Resident.

The city of Monroe gave an update on drainage projects that will help with flood control in south Monroe.

“It worries me that there is a lot of flooding in the area. So we just have to fix the problem,” said Payen.

However, the city is in talks about four future projects that should help residents. City engineers say Oregon Trail floods frequently because of backwater.

“The city will build a little three-foot flood wall around Nutland Road to prevent that,” said Rany Denmon, Engineer.

This project is completely funded by FEMA.

During the flood in 2011, 642 structures were flooded in the Georgia Street/ Winnsboro Road area. To help fight the same disaster, the project will include a new pump station and adding 1 mile of pipe to force rainfall-runoff to the Ouachita River. The Georgia Street Pump Station project was awarded 1.8 million dollars but is waiting to receive the money to start.

“After the 2016 flood, we took a look into putting retention on Young’s Bayou. Young’s Bayou is our biggest flooding problem,” said Denmon.

There will be two retention basins. The first one will be near the Parkview area.

“That’s going to be a 60-acre retention area. Approximately 8 or 9 feet deep that will be empty and will fill up when it rains,” said Denmon.

The other one will be located near the Booker T Washington area. This basin will only be 20 acres of land. However, the city already owns the land and says it could be completed by fall.

The city engineer says she wants the parish to know that they are not pushing the water onto anyone else. Instead, they are coming up with solutions that work for everyone.

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