RUSTON, LA (KTVE/KARD) Ruston Mayor Ronnie Walker is in the hospital after being diagnosed with pneumonia related to a “breakthrough” case of COVID-19. The good news is, Mayor Walker’s Assistant Hailey Perot reports that he is in good spirits as he remains in the hospital due to COVID-19. And his illness isn’t stopping him from continuing his duty.

“Right now the mayor is still in full force. He’s not in the office but he’s able to receive calls and talk, so we are here carrying on with business as normal” Perot says.

Perot also says she expects Walker to be out of the hospital this week, but he will remain out of the office for the time being.

But if something were to happen, the city can rely on its Mayor Pro-Tem Carolyn Cage and its multiple department heads to keep things functioning. Ruston has also reinstated it’s mask mandates for city buildings.

“The City of Ruston is requiring all employees and anyone entering city buildings, facilities; whether that be City Hall, the Civic Center, public works facilities, that we require to wear a mask” Perot says.

They will continue to follow the guidelines of the Governor and the CDC. The city is also asking residents to honor the choices made by business owners.

“If a business owner puts on their door that they would require you to wear a mask, we do ask you to respect their wishes and wear your mask” Perot says.