GRAMBLING, La. (KTVE/KARD) — The City of Grambling has dealt with issues concerning its water system for years, but those problems will soon be repaired. That’s according to the consulting engineer for the city, Henry Shuler.

Baldwiel Hill is a local resident in Grambling, and he says he hopes these grants will help improve their water issues.

“We’ve been having problems with water here in Grambling for four or five years, or longer. Maybe they can get all this stuff situated where it won’t be shutting off everybody’s water at one time. Maybe this will be able to help us out.”

Shuler says $1 million will go towards fixing the issues, and the money will come from the Louisiana Community Development Block Grant.

The funds will help improve water distribution, replace select water mains, and install valves at strategic locations.

“Right now, the whole system gets shut down, and that’s where people get upset. This project will make it where they can strategically isolate sections, as opposed to shutting the whole system down. So, it will be 20 customers at the time vs a thousand.”

A separate grant of $847.000 will come from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund for the sewer system.

“$547.000 of that will be a forgiven loan. Those funds will be allocated towards about four or five lift stations.”

“We have the funds available to improve. It’s definitely a worldwide venture to put that money to use because it is well needed in this community,” said another local resident, Marcus Levallion.

City officials say they also received an additional $100.000 state grant for water line improvements.

The bidding for the project will start this fall and construction will start by 2023.

We’ll continue to follow this story to update residents as to when the issues will be fixed.