CROSSETT, Ar. (KTVE/KARD) Big news coming to the City of Crossett. ‘Primoris Renewable Energy’ is coming to the area, and this new economic growth promises hundreds of job opportunities for the city. 

“I think it’s great because Crossett needs it really bad.” Says a local resident, Fred Ricks.

This new type of manufacturer builds solar power plants nationwide bringing new economic growth to the area. 

“We anticipate in the first year we will bring up to 40 new positions. We see an opportunity to add up to 80 positions over the next three years.” Says Senior Vice President of the power plant company, Primoris Renewable Energy, Anthony Vorderbruggen. 

Jobs of all different skill levels will be available for the community

“We see a lot of opportunity in the community working with Mike Smith here.” Says Vorderbruggen.

“It’s adding to their workload and their annual revenue which is important to us if the community is successful right along with us.” Vorderbruggen added. 

“It will be a great thing to give people something to do.” Says another local resident, George Chapple. 

And Executive Director of Economic Development for the City of Crossett, Michael Smith, says residents will have the opportunity to stay local instead of commuting out of town. 

“There’s a lot of people taking jobs in other communities that drive 30 to 60 miles a day to work. They’ll be able to get a job here. Make a great salary, great benefits, and be able to be home at a reasonable time.” He says.  

Smith says the company will bring millions of dollar revenue to the community. 

“Over the next two or three years we will be turning over $4 million in new payroll. This will go to support small businesses and other businesses in our community.” Smith added. 

Plenty of job openings will be available within the next few months. The company will be up and running in April.