BASTROP, La. (KTVE/KARD) — The city of Bastrop was approved for a $1 million grant award by the Louisiana Community Development Block to rehab their current Unity Street Lift Station.

“It will affect some more than others, but anything that is positive coming to the City of Bastrop it’s all we really need right now,” said Stevante Wilson, a local resident. “A positive move in the City of Bastrop.”

Mayor Betty Alford-Olive says when heavy rains bring a lot of water, that water flows through the collecting point, and compromises the capacity of the system, and causing significant flooding.

“The pumps, are the pipes are old, and have cracks in them from roots growing into them. We’ve always been sensitive to the fact that when homes flood, people are displaced. And there is a particular area here in Bastrop where that has happened repeatedly.”

A new wet well will be replaced to help the water expand its capacity. Bradley Alexander is the project manager of Veolia Water, assisting the city, and he says this will help reduce the pressure that causes flooding.

“This pump station has a 2-4 inch pump, in and out, with the 4 inch line leading out to the main hole that is closer to gravity feet out. So the upgrade will be 2-6 inch pumps, a bigger wet well, and hopefully a line that goes to the main line, which is a 15 inch line instead of a 10 inch line.”

Alexander says they’re still in the early stages of planning, and there is no a date on when construction will begin.