BASTROP, La. (KTVE/KARD) – The City Bastrop has selected an interim council member following the death of Larry Prater, which left the seat vacant.

The city held the Special Meeting on Tuesday, August 2, 2022, where four of the remaining council members voted for Emma H. Prater to fill in the vacancy position of alderman for district B.

“I know my husband is looking down on me right now saying, you know, you got it. He wanted me to continue to serve the community of district B here in Bastrop,” said Emma H. Prater, elected interim alderman.

Emma Prater is the wife of the late councilman Larry Prater. Prater was serving his second term on the board before passing away on July 17. Mrs. Prater says she will continue working for the Bastrop community to honor her husband.

“I’m going to serve as he did because he loved the people. He loved his community,” said Mrs. Prater. “At night time, sometimes he would get phone calls from anyone saying they need this done and this ditch done over here. He would get on the phone, and knew who to call and network to get the job done.”

“I tip my hat off to the three ladies that offered themselves for public service. That is always a testament to the compassion that is in the community,” said mayor Betty Alford-Olive. “Congratulations to Mrs. Prater, and I look forward to working with her.”

Even though Mrs. Prater is not prohibited from running in the next election, she says she doesn’t disregard the possibility.

“This is temporary. We will see. You never know. As I said, this is honoring my husband.”

Mrs. Prater will serve until the special elections.