NORTHEAST LOUISIANA, (6/2/20)– The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation has given out over 4 million dollars in grant money to non-profits to help fight COVID-19 and the Children’s Coalition of Northeast Louisiana received some of that money.

“We are committed to improving wellness and wellbeing. We know that work gets down by nonprofits on the ground, groups like the Children’s Coalition in Northeast Louisiana, as they are meeting people where they are day in and day out, providing the services and support that they need,” said Michael Tipton, President, The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation.

The Children’s Coalition was awarded 50 thousand dollars to put towards three programs that can be expanded to reach more people. This grant will not only help identify needs and related effects of COVID but help them long term for the future during a time of uncertainty.

“We are going to witness a downturn in the economy and therefore that is one of the reasons why the signs of suicide and mental health programs are very important, it’s very important to have accesses to technology so you can reach other people, but also it’s important to have basic needs,” said Leann Bond, Executive Director, Children’s Coalition for Northeast Louisiana.

Those programs include: The Signs of Suicide Prevention Program, educating parents, teachers, and peers on mental health and increased suicide screening. The Union Parish Alliance for Community Transformation Program, to buy 5 computers for college-bound freshmen who served as student ambassadors in the U-ACT program. And finally, supporting students and families by providing shelter, diapers, and other household needs.

“It does make you feel good to help others but it’s more than that. It’s more than feeling good, it’s about building community. The Children’s Coalition believes in building communities where children and families thrive and we live by that daily,” said Bond.

The Children’s Coalition of Northeast Louisiana says they are beyond thankful for the grant and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield. The Children’s Coalition has 20 programs available to those communities in this area.