MONROE, LA (03/25/20)– While essential personnel are working from the office during this pandemic, worry and stress sets in as they wonder how their young kids will be taken care of.

During Sunday’s press conference, Governor John Bel Edwards expressed the importance of childcare during this COVID-19 outbreak. The Children’s Coalition for Northeast Louisiana is helping essential workers find child care for their kids while fighting this battle.

“We know that these essential workers are basically keeping everything running. They can go to work and do their jobs and not have to worry about the care of their child and know that they are in a safe place while they are going out and doing the hard work,” said Amy Clancy, Children’s Coalition for Northeast Louisiana.

The Children’s Coalition is partnering with several care providers across 11 parishes. Essential workers can go to the website and fill out the application and hear back within 24 to 48 hours.

“They will be contacted by one of our childcare specialist who will then connect them to their preference of needs,” said Clancy.

Those preferences they can choose from are, child care center which is a group of 10 or less children, family child care which is a group of 6 children or less, or in-home providers who provide care in the home.

“Infants all the way up to 12 years of age. 13 is the cut-off, so once they are 13 they are not eligible,” said Clancy.

Officials say there is funding available for essential workers and not an income requirement at this time. The Children’s Coalition says they have been supporting families and children for over 20 years and it won’t stop due to the COVID-19.

This application is open for 30 days, it could be extended in the future.

Examples of Essential Worker Functions under the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) guidelines include:

  • Healthcare workers and caregivers
  • Mental health and Social Service workers
  • Pharmacy employees
  • Workers supporting groceries, pharmacies and other retail sales of food and beverage products
  • Restaurant carryout and quick-serve food operations and food delivery employees
  • Farmworkers
  • Electricity and Utility Industry Employees
  • Critical Manufacturing Employees (medical supply chains, energy, transportation, food, chemicals)
  • Petroleum, Natural and Propane Gas Workers
  • Transportation and Logistics Workers
  • Communications and Information Technology Employees
  • Financial Services and Banking Industry Employees

See CISA essential business guidelines here.