Chennault Aviation Museum acquires new storage facility


MONROE, LA (01/28/20) The Chennault Aviation Museum pays tribute to hundreds of years of military history. Holding onto this much history requires them to store some of the memorabilia off site.

“It’s a piece of property, we’ve been lucky enough it’s been donated to us to use for the last several years by a local family, and they have since had an offer on it to sell” says David Johnson, Assistant C.O.O of the Chennault Aviation Museum.

In the meantime, they have worked out a leasing deal with the city of Monroe to get a new storage building. Now while this particular building will not be open to the public, it will help to better serve the public and the museum overall, in multiple ways.

One of the main attactions of this building is the location, as it is on airport property a few blocks away.

“We have an opportunity that instead of our curator having to be gone an hour travel time, he can go down in 5 minutes” says Johnson.

The roughly 5,000 square foot building will also provide more physical space for future memorabilia, as well as better organization of current memorabilia.

“Whether it be from Selman Field, North Louisiana Veterans, or anything that’s military related we would be able to take once again. Sometimes, we would have to turn away because we havent had the space” says Johnson.

This will allow the public to see more history, as well as allowing other museums to share their collections. They are very grateful to the city for working out a plan to keep their mission going.

“To have the support from the community means a lot because we’re a private museum, we depend on the community to keep our doors open, and this just shows a level of support that we desperately need and we so appreciate” says Nell Chennault Calloway, C.E.O. and Granddaughter of General Claire L. Chennault.

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