FARMERVILLE, LA (08/10/19)– The sun’s out today and so were the fishing polls! Local kids spent the day casting their lines at the third annual “CAST For Kids” event, teaching children with disabilities how to fish.

With rods in hand, these kids were reeling in fish by minute, though for some it was their first time.

“Many of them don’t get to fish or have the opportunity to, so this event allows us to introduce them to the sport of fishing,” said Brandon Jennings, Louisiana Coordinator for CAST For Kids.

Up until three years ago, there had never been a fishing event for children with disabilities in Louisiana other than in New Orleans. But the last three years, it’s been held at D’Arbonne Lake.

When we asked Ashley shields how many times she’s been to this event she said all three times.
In addition, CAST For Kids can help parents relax as they know their kid will be attended to.

“A lot of times you go to an activity that’s not based for your child and they feel left out because they aren’t able to attend. Well this event is actually the opposite, it’s for those children that need special attention,” said Jennings.

This event isn’t just about fishing- it allows kids to socialize and meet new friends-

“My favorite part about being out here is to fish and being with my friends,” said shields.

Some children have actually become fish whisperers- catching six or seven fish throughout the day.

“They can bring there kid here and its not a struggle and they are going to be taken care of and they can enjoy their day,” said Jennings.

Many parents say their kid’s stay up all night due to excitement that’s to come.
“I got a text message this morning at like 5 that Noah was excited he was ready to fish,” said Jennings.

There were 17 kids at the event today, supported by their families and friends.