WINNSBORO, La. (08/08/19)– Those who know Colton Goodman, describe him the same- a precious, sweet, kind, 10 year old, but in a week’s time, Colton went from healthy, to being diagnosed with leukemia (T Cell ALL).

“You don’t ever want it to be anybody’s child, but when it’s your child, especially someone that is so kind and sweet, it’s heartbreaking,” Delaine Self, Colton’s cousin, said.

Colton was taken to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital immediately. During his time there, Colton’s two grandmothers have dropped everything to be by his side.

“Because he has to have constant care from somebody that he trusts and somebody that’s nurturing and understands him, mainly trusts,” Self said.

That’s why community members have come together in support of Colton and his family.

“We just have several different fundraisers to help this family while they are staying with Colton,” Leah Forten Berry, Owner of The Rusty Bucket, said.

Fundraisers include a fish fry, a raffle, and “Colton’s cure” t-shirts that say “His fight is my fight”, tickets and shirts are available at the Rusty Bucket in Winnsboro. The fish fry is scheduled for August 30th and delivery will be available for Franklin Parish.

“I’ve known this family for practically all of my life and they’re good people, and it means the world to me to be able to help,” Berry said.

A paypal account has also been set up for donations-

“Franklin Parish, it’s just who they are, they are good, kind, hard-working people,” Self said.

Locals say they are just hoping Colton returns home soon.

“I hope he’s not even thinking about all of this and I hope he’s there doing his best to get better,” Self said.