Car burglaries plague residential Ruston


For the last month and a half, residents on the southwest side of Ruston have been burglarized while their cars are unlocked

RUSTON, La. (7/4/19)– Ruston residents: beware.

While you’re sound asleep at home, a group of thieves could be preying on your vehicles. Police say a series of car burglaries has hit southwest Ruston neighborhoods.

These crooks are making their way into cars much easier than you would think, and it could all be prevented with the click of a button.

Police and deputies say the suspects are walking around late at night, searching for an opportunity.

“The one thing that we’re seeing in all these burglaries is that they’re generally, probably 95% of them are unlocked vehicles,” said Stephen Rogers, Chief of Ruston Police.

One neighborhood that’s been hit particularly hard, Roosevelt and Benton street.

“My neighbor called me and told me that he saw someone on his camera coming over here to my house about 3:52 in the morning and they were over here checking my car door and seeing if it was unlocked, but because I keep my car door locked, I guess they lost interest and moved on,” said Richland Bryant, a local resident.

Bryant’s neighbor–not as lucky.

Home surveillance cameras caught the crooks rummaging through his truck. They made off with several valuables. Other neighbors say they’ve had laptops, cash and guns stolen from their cars.

“If you have a weapon that’s stolen be it from a vehicle burglary or residence, notify law enforcement immediately and if you can provide the serial numbers for that weapon and it can be entered into a nationwide database,” said Stephen Williams, public information officer with the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The most critical thing law enforcement wants you to do–lock up before you go to bed.

If you see a group of guys lingering around your neighborhood late at night, call police.

Rogers says they believe the suspects are young men between the ages of 18 to 21.

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