CALHOUN, La (KTVE/KARD)– Ever since 2017, when the Hanson family opened Candy Cane Lane, it has been one of the events that families look forward to each holiday season. Candy Cane Lane just opened for the season, and we learned more about this magical park.

Ben Hanson, owner of Candy Cane Lane, told us more. Candy Cane Lane is a drive-through Christmas light park. We’re spread out over 52 acres here in Calhoun, Louisiana. “We’ve got over one mile of a loop with over one million Christmas lights.”

Hanson also told us the reason he wanted to open Candy Cane Lane. “I moved here from East Texas in 2001.” And there were several Christmas live performances in that area at that time, and I just kind of saw a need over here in this area for something like that. You know, it was kind of a dream I had. I just finally got a spot where I could actually try it, and it has worked out really well. “Everybody seems to really love it.”

Hanson says there’s nothing better than seeing the excitement of all the visitors. “It’s awesome. We tell people we have the greatest job. It really is. I mean, you’re making people happy. The kids are happy; they’re hollering, squealing, and laughing. Even some of the adults are doing that. “I mean, if you can get a grown man to show up in matching pajamas with his kids in public, then you know what’s not fun about that.”

Candy Cane Lane will be open every day 6 pm to 10 pm till dec 31st.