OUACHITA COUNTY, Ark. (KTVE/KARD)–General elections have come to a close but many Arkansas counties are at a standstill. The city of Camden is one of those counties awaiting results for the elected official who will serve in the mayoral seat for the next four years.

General elections came to a close with current Mayor Julian Lott and candidate Charlotte Young in the race for mayor. Our station spoke to both candidates to see how they feel about this run-off election.

“To be in the city position in a place for a town that I love would really be an honor to be able to facilitate more things happening in our town and help clear some pathways to bring more of Camden back to life and help all of our citizens,” explains candidate Charlotte Young.

Young added, “I have worked for many years as a volunteer in town doing things and to get to do that and work with more of you. I’ve been on the quorum court for fourteen years working for the county.”

Mayor Julian Lott explains the tasks he worked on during the past four years, expressing to KTVE/KARD the importance of finishing those plans.

“With our experience, what we learned with bureaucracy already, and how things work in government, I think to continue in the way that we are going is the best route.”

Lott added, “We’ve got eleven million dollars to fix flooding in our community. We got the parks up and moving. We want to complete these things before transitioning to a new leader.”

Early voting is underway until Monday, December 5th at the Ouachita County Courthouse. Run-off elections will conclude on Tuesday, December 6th.