Cajun Mobility provides life-changing wheelchairs for 3 families in need


MONROE, LA (03/01/20)– A local business has designed the perfect wheelchair and helped out several families tonight, even one in California who premiered on tonight’s episode of HGTV’S Extreme Makeover.

Life can change in an instant. At any moment, tragedy can hit and one can find themselves bound to a chair.

“I mean its changed my life. I walked for the first time in 20 years. I do believe this is my purpose, my God-given purpose,” said Bill Baldridge, “You are Worth it Ministries.”

That’s why Cajun Mobility builds and sells advanced wheelchairs that can ride on any terrain allowing people to not sit on the sidelines, but live life.

“This is the whole purpose and reason I wake up every morning and do what I do every day. To see their faces when they haven’t been able to go on a beach or haven’t been able to go to the mountain and do whatever for years or even ever,” said Kathryn Fendall, Owner of Cajun Mobility.

Cajun Mobility has found a way to breathe new life into those who may feel as if they lost theirs. For one veteran in California, the life-changing moment happened when he thought he was just getting a wheelchair friendly house on HGTV’S Extreme Home Makeover. However, he was also gifted a Cajun Mobility wheelchair.

“We built the chair, we flew out to LA, we were there during the filming, and donated the chair to him. Gave him the chair at the end of the show,” said Fendall.

While watching Sunday’s episode of HGTV’s Extreme Home makeover, Cajun Mobility decided to gift another chair…This time to a veterans organization in Texas.

“How many wheelchairs does it take to live your life? It probably takes more than one. One chair is good for the inside, one chair is amazing for the outside,” said Crystal Lee Laramore, Wheelchairs for Warriors.

And the giveaways didn’t stop there. Tonight’s giveaway also caught one Ouachita Parish Firefighter by surprise, who lost his leg and foot in a car accident drinking and driving. He’s made it his life’s mission to educate those to never do what he did.

“I want you to have a blast in this chair,” said Fendall. “Dude what,” said Baldridge.

With this new chair, he can continue to teach others….but also hunt, fish, and teach his son about the outdoors.

Bill Baldridge will be speaking at local schools in north Louisiana, using his tragedy to teach kids. He started “You Are Worth It.” It’s a nonprofit organization to let kids know that their lives are important. Some of those schools include:


  • Caldwell high school and Junior High
  • Lasalle High School


  • Wossman High School
  • Carroll High School

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