Caddo Parish Commissioners caught on Facebook live during a heated exchange


SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – A heated exchange between two Caddo Commissioners following Thursday’s Commission meeting that was streamed on Facebook Live has a lot of people talking.

The exchange between Commissioners Steven Jackson and Lyndon Johnson, president of the Commission, involved a committee chaired by Jackson, that Johnson announced had been dissolved.

At the meeting, Johnson announced that the Pandemic and Natural disaster committee had been dissolved. Jackson said he was upset because his committee had been dissolved without warning.

Although the microphones had been silenced, as the meeting was over, the heated exchange between the two commissioners could be clearly seen. The entire commission meeting can be watched by clicking here.

Johnson said there was a lack of communication from Jackson during committee events and meetings, and that after the meeting wrapped up on Thursday, Jackson approached him and disrespectfully started to rant, point fingers and use profanity.

“He basically crossed the line and did something inappropriate and I reacted back to it. I try to work with everybody but if you come to a point where you get to name-calling and using profanity, then I’m going to have to set you straight. That’s just going to come out of me I’m sorry,” Johnson said.

But Jackson explained, “I mean that was just me expressing my sentiments about how this decision was made or why it was made. I mean there was no fighting or anything but I definitely was expressing why and how.”

“There was a lack of communication for me to just find out that you’re disbanding the committee on the spot; that highlights the lack of communication right there,” Jackson said.

Johnson said he disbanded the committee due to the duplication of requests from committees and decided to just focus on the new American Rescue Fund, which will oversee similar needs for the parish. He explained that when a committee has a particular task and it’s over, the president can disband that committee.

No disciplinary action will be taken following Jackson’s outburst, Johnson said. “I understand you might get heated about a certain situation but you also have to maintain your temper,” Johnson said, but added as long as he’s president he will get along with everyone but he won’t tolerate disrespect.

But Jackson’s holding his ground. He said the Pandemic and Natural disaster committee is still needed. And though the vaccine is making its way throughout the city there are still people in the parish who aren’t vaccinated.

“What I am going to do is ask the commission body to reinstate and reconstitute the committee so that we can continue to educate the community as well as educate ourselves about what’s going on during the pandemic because it’s not over,” Jackson said.

The next American Rescue Act committee meeting will take place at 3 p.m. Thursday at Government Plaza.

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