MONROE, LA (04/13/20) Work has begun to bring a sense of normalcy back to Byers Estates, one of the hardest hit neighborhoods during Sunday’s tornado.

It’s tiring because we’ve just been cleaning up for the majority from this morning to this afternoon.” Marlo Humphery, a resident said.

She has been helping her sister and her neighbors clean up debris. She is proud of how her community has come together during this tragedy.

“We’re all in this area together, so we all need to band together” she said.

Police, Fire and Electric officials have also been helping residents with various needs, as well as restoring utilities.

While clean up has begun across the Byers Estates neighborhood, it’s going to take time for this community to heal both physically and emotionally. And residents are thankful that the community is coming together during such a difficult time.

“It’s like the worst house on the block” Felicia Thomas, a resident said. She was with her family when the tornado did significant damage to her home.

“When I heard the wind getting strong I put my hand on the door and I finna open up the closet and I’m yelling for the kids come get in the closet, come on, come on, get in the closet” she said.

Thankfully they were able to walk away unharmed. She was able to recover a few priceless heirlooms. She says she’s thankful for being ok despite the damage.

“Nothing but God got us out of there that’s all I can tell you” she said.

Charlie Collins lives a few houses down from Thomas. He was also in the house with his family when it hit.

“Got my family, took them into the bathroom and put my boys and my wife in the tub and just hunkered down and waited for it to end” he said.

His house suffered major damage, and he is thankful to see his neighborhood coming together.

“We may not all speak or hang out but our kids play togther and we’re respectful of one another and we’re cordial with one another and we care about what happens to people so that means a lot” he said.