Mowing Made Easy: Robots Tackle Lawn Care


(NBC News) – Maintaining a lawn in the summer heat is often a dreaded chore for homeowners.

Now there are robots that can do the job for you.

Worx, the company that makes the highly-rated Landroid, says autonomous mowers are getting more popular.

There are a variety of models available from makers such as Robomow, Honda and Husqvarna.

The robot mowers use sensors and artificial intelligence to avoid obstacles.

The companies say the devices are safe, even if you have unpredictable kids and pets playing in the yard.

The mowers are quiet, battery-powered, and, for the most part, run automatically based on a schedule that users can customize in an app.

“It’s like a Roomba for your yard,” says Worx’ Lauren Gomez.

Still, they can be expensive, usually $1,000 dollars or more, and some say the set up can be a headache.

Instead of buying a mower, some are opting for a service like Mowbot.

For a monthly fee, Mowbot can set up an automatic mowing system at your house and perform maintenance if there are any problems.

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