Boy helps save grandfather from COVID-19 with plasma donation


WEST MONROE, LA (KTVE/KARD)– After fighting for their lives, one West Monroe couple is sitting together at home today thanks to their grandson who donated plasma that helped them recover from COVID-19.

“They did not expect him to live but God thought something different,” said Mary Lee, had COVID-19.

Denny and Marry Lee have been married for almost 50 years and what they thought was strep was actually something much worse.

“They put me on a ventilator, Denny was on a ventilator. We were two doors down from each other,” said Mary.

Mary was taken to the ICU with a 104-degree fever and eventually was the first person at Glenwood Medical Center to go home who had been on a ventilator. As for her husband Denny, he was on a ventilator for 103 days as the virus caused him to have congested heart failure.

“That disease threw everything at him that it can do that they [doctors] have seen it do to anybody. It did all of it to him,” said Mary.

Denny was able to return home after 124 days in the hospital, thanks to his grandson, Tyler.
Tyler and other doctors found a way to help. He donated plasma to four people and it helped save three of them, including his grandfather.

“I said “yeah, I heard someone gave me plasma” and he[Tyler] said “that somebody was me.” I did exactly what I’m doing now [crying]. Like I told him, It saved my life,” said Denny Lee.

Tyler says he’s thankful to have played a role in saving his grandfather’s life as he never expected this.

“It was just kind of like wow. It is crazy how you see something small like this can have just a big effect on someone else by doing little things to help someone,” said Tyler Lavergne, Lee’s Grandson.

Now, the family is together at home finding joy in the simple things of life.

“Like when it rains right now, I watch it rain. Cause I didn’t get to see it rain for a long time,” said Denny.

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