BOUNCING BACK AT BOLEY: Teachers and school leaders preparing for school year in temporary building


WEST MONROE, La. — It’s been almost four months since a fire left only ashes and memories for Boley Elementary.​

“I had 17 years worth of everything collected, and we’ve had to start over,” Charlene Maxwell, a Boley Elementary Kindergarten Teacher, said.​​

From one building to the next, teachers have been able to transform their new classrooms into an environment where students can feel at ease, despite the changes around them.​​

“They’re going to know it’s okay, because we are here, and we were with them at Boley, we were with them at Georgia Welch and I think the are going to feel at home as soon as they walk in and see our faces and when we give them hugs,” Maxwell said.​​

The new location has enough room for every class.

​​”We have smaller classrooms that we are going to use for our title one tutoring, and our speech and GT and our reading interventionist,” Sandy Bates, Principal of Boley Elementary, said. “Everybody has their own classroom.”

​​The temporary location is between Walmart and Chick-fil-a on Glenwood drive, so drivers can expect a change in traffic.

​​”Between the hours of 7-7:30 and 3:00-3:30, you have to turn right,” Bates said.​​

This is to avoid traffic and confusion. Parents will also line up by the rail beside the Walmart parking lot and watch out for a flag system.​​

“Red flag means the buses are loading and unloading,” Bates said. “When we put up the green flag, then parents can start filing in, but they have to turn right.”​​

Bates says the sooner kids are registered, the better.​​

“If our students register this week, they can come on Wednesday, August the 14th, and that’s going to alleviate some of the traffic issues and parking issues,” Bates said.​​

Some students have already been able to tour their new school.​​

“The ones that have registered early have walked in and they’re just you know, in awe looking around at all of the things in their new school and it’s a beautiful facility, so I think they are going to be excited,” Bates said.

Despite all of the preparation and changes, Boley is ready for students to return.​​

“It’s been a long summer and we have been busy, busy, but we are ready,” Bates said. “We are ready for them.”​

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