Bonner Street Bridge improvements in Ruston


RUSTON, LA. (KTVE/KARD)– Since the steep bridge on Bonner Street was built in Ruston, locals say the area has been accident prone.

“That’s what my dad taught me- steep hills, steep bridge, always assume there’s a car or a pedestrian,” Jacob Tacke, a Ruston local, said.

Unfortunately not everyone has the same mindset. Locals said there have been multiple accidents because drivers tend to go over the speed limit.

“The speed limit is like 15 over the bridge, but people fly over it like easily 30, 40mph it’s crazy,” Peter Laboeul, a LA Tech Grad student, said.

The bridge is pretty steep, going up you can’t see the oncoming traffic. Locals say it has gotten so bad, people don’t even use the road just to prevent accidents on that bridge.

“I usually try to avoid that bridge and I’ll just wait out the train most likely because I don’t want to have to worry about hitting someone or them the last second trying to cross the road and I can’t stop,” Cassidy Pyles, a Ruston local, said.

Mayor Ronny Walker said because of these concerns and the number of accidents caused in the area, the city is making changes.

He said one-way entrances to the fire station parking lot will be taken out. A two-way entrance will replace it to eliminate congestion at the end of the bridge.

“We’ll have a pedestrian walkway there so it’ll be much better and safer interchange,” Mayor Walker said.

Mayor walker said there will also be hazardous lights added to warm those crossing. Locals say while these changes are being implemented, it’s also up to drivers to pay attention.

“You have to be responsible and you have to care about your community,” Tacke said.

City officials say there’s no specific timeframe on when these projects will be done, but Mayor Walker said it will be sometime soon.

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