Boating accidents on the rise in Louisiana


MONROE, La (KTVE/KARD) — Recently Louisiana’s department of Wildlife and Fisheries have arrested several boaters for driving while intoxicated. The department lieutenant Wayne Parker says that operating a boat will intoxicated is very dangerous.

Wayne Parker Lieutenant Wildlife and Fisheries “It’s very important for the operator to be sober, he’s the captain of the ship and he kind of is in control of the safety of the passengers of that vessel”

Unlike in a car boaters are allowed to drink while operating a boat. Lieutenant Parker says that those who drink while operating a boat must be mindful of their surroundings.

Wayne Parker Lieutenant Wildlife and Fisheries “What people don’t understand is that the sun and the wind the elements the waves all of those things aggravate drinking alcohol and consuming alcohol on the water”

This past month the department has caught 4 boaters driving under the influence. Lieutenant says that there have been more accidents than usual this year.

Wayne Parker Lieutenant Wildlife and Fisheries

“The state of Louisiana has had 14 boating fatalities and 20 accidents are we’re a little bit above average on boating accidents on the year of 2021”

Accidents happen on land and water, Monroe boater Joseph Terracina urges boaters to be careful on the water.

Joseph Terracina Monroe boater “You’re responsible for your wake, so make sure when you’re around other people your wake isn’t going to cause somebody to have an accident,”

The department of Wildlife and Fisheries are patrolling around the clock to keep boaters safe this summer.

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