WEST MONROE, La. – On May, 17, 2022, The Louisiana House of Representatives voted 72-21 to pass Senate Bill 44. If signed into law, the bill could prohibit transgender youth from playing on the school sports teams consistent with their gender identity, from the elementary to university level. 

A local resident says, although this bill won’t affect him personally, he says he supports it because it will be fair for women in sports.  

“I just don’t like people to force things on me and I won’t force things on them,” said AAron. “But seeing my daughter and the way she’s growing up and starting to get into sports and athletics, if it affects her then I have a problem with it because obviously there are disadvantages.” 

“It’s really unfair to female athletes who’ve spent the majority of their lives playing in a certain sport,” said Csierra, another resident. “And a lot of the time that’s their only opportunity for scholarships.” 

ULM softball coach, Molly Fichtner, says women in sports have fought to have access and equality over the years. 

“You’re looking at 50 years of Title IX, and it’s been incredible and we’ve come so far, you know, biologically born females in sports. And we wanna keep going in that direction.”  

However, another local resident says he disagrees with the bill, saying this will only deprive LGBTQ students from participating in athletics, isolating them from their fellow classmates.

“Don’t cancel people out just because they are different,”said Tyler Hogard. “Have the Olympics, and their own olympics too. That way is not just one thing that nobody else can join. Let them have their fun with it too.” 

Senate Bill 44 has now headed to the Governor’s desk.