(KTVE/KARD) With a new president comes new beginnings for the North Louisiana Economic Partnership. And the future of the twin cities is looking bright; they now has a new president and C.E.O..

“We need to realize we are a great community. We’ve has successes, we can have more successes” says Justyn Dixon, new President and C.E.O. of N.L.E.P.

N.L.E.P. is an economic development firm that spans 14 parishes across northern Louisiana. Their overall goal is to bring higher paying jobs to the area by finding good sites for interested businesses. Justyn Dixon is hitting the ground running; he is diving into north Louisiana’s economic potential by wanting to bring as much big industry to the region as possible.

“Advanced manufacturing, steel and plastics and food, and things like that. Mission critical distribution. So, we’re talking large sites, you know, 50, 100, 200, up to 1,000 acres” Dixon says.

His plan also includes keeping current large industries in the area prosperous, while sharing their successes. This region would not be the first he’s created success in, and wants to use what north Louisiana already has.

“They don’t have the assets we have in north Louisiana. They don’t have the interstate, they don’t have multiple water ways. So, I’ve seen it, it’s been successful. We have more people here” Dixon says.

And both mayors of the twin cities are eager to start working with him.

“These companies want to get sticks in the air the fastest that they can. They want to select a site that’s ready, that’s ready to roll” says Mayor Friday Ellis, City of Monroe.

“We can do more when we are marketing our region, because you know, what’s good for one area of the parish is good for the other area, as well as just up and down the I-20 corridor” says Mayor Staci Mitchell, Mayor of West Monroe.

Dixon says he is jumping into this plan immediately, and hopes to have it moving significantly within the next 12 to 18 months.