Bastrop residents express frustration over Hurricane Laura debris pile; City is waiting to be approved by FEMA


BASTROP, La (KTVE/KARD ) — A 10-foot tall mound of storm debris from hurricane laura is causing some Bastrop residents serious frustration.
they say it’s been almost a month since the storm hit and there still left with destruction and no FEMA cash insight for their area.

“The trees have pesticide in them, mosquitos coming in from the backside of the garment plant and nesting there. snakes, rodents, and they’re also termites,” said “Sadie Edmond, Resident in Neighborhood.

Residents who live on Kammel street wake up and see mounds of debris.

“We started getting limbs and trees, anything pertaining to the storm. and a few days, we started getting mattresses, bed frames, you name it, it’s out there,” said Bobbie, Resident in Neighborhood.

One resident’s house backs up to the debris lot.

“I’m really tired, I’m tired of them coming and almost dumping it in my driveway. I’m just sick of it,” said Mary Leopold, Resident in Neighborhood.

Though, the Mayor says there’s a reason this lot is used to hold everything.

“We used this area as a temporary staging because we couldn’t get into our regular area because of the rain and mud. I feel bad for residents in this area, but it’s the only hard surface area that we could get to stage these,” said Henry Cotton, Mayor of Bastrop.

Now the city is trying to work with FEMA.

“We gave an estimate for the storm on the cubic yard of debris left over from the storm. We underestimated and now we’re trying to recalculate the estimates to get it to FEMA so we can get a category A declaration–which is for debris removal,” said “James Mardas, Director of Office Homeland Security Morehouse Parish.

FEMA will be coming to Bastrop this Monday and Tuesday from 9 am to 5 pm at the municipal center to help with individual assistance relief. mayor cotton says to take photos of damage from the storm, bring those in and FEMA will scan them to identify what they can help with.

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