Bastrop neighbors say dog was abandoned, left without food and water


Trixie waited for days for her owners who never returned

BASTROP, La. (7/10/19)– “She was sitting right there, looking up and down the road waiting for them to come home. It was the saddest thing ever,” said Starteia Porter, a neighbor who says she witnessed the abandonment of a local dog.

Porter vividly remembers the moment she saw her neighbor’s dog pacing up and down the street, looking for its owners. Porter says the dog lived at the house across the road on North Odom Street for some time.

She says when the family moved last week, they left their pup behind without food or water.

“My heart was just broken. She’s so playful and she seemed so scared at that moment,” said Porter.

Porter says the dog was on its own for days. She recalls the heart wrenching moment the family left the dog behind.

“She tried to get in the van or something with them and they weren’t taking her at all. They just kind of took her by the ears and threw her back in the yard,” said Porter.

Porter says the family would often leave the pup tied up to a tree in the back yard.

Disgusted by what happened and unable to keep the dog herself, porter posted about the incident on Facebook.

It was through that post that the dog– known as Trixie–was connected with Cecelia Foster.

“I saw Ms. Porter’s post on Facebook and I was like well, I want to go and see what it’s like, so I talked to my husband and he said sure,” said Foster.

Foster and her husband picked Trixie up. They say when they got her, she was starving.

Foster says she can’t believe her owners neglected Trixie this way.

“They’re worthless, they’re cold-hearted. I’ve never seen nobody do a dog the way they did her,” said Foster.

A friend of fosters adopted Trixie and she finally has a forever home.

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