Bastrop, L.a, (KTVE/KARD) – Senator District 34, Katrina Jackson, hosted a community meeting with members of the community to go over state matters such as crime unbalanced, economic development, education, and domestic violence just to name a few. As you can see their parking lot is quite full, and there are about 40 to 50 people in the meeting right now.

Member of the community, Tyrone Dickson, tells me he’s here to work with his community leaders in order to improve his city.

“I’m just hoping we all come together from all different parts of town like leaders like us, senator Katrina Jackson and sheriff Tubbs, and so on, and we all come together.” He says.

Senator Katrina Jackson says the city of Bastrop is hosting a community meeting to tackle crime issues, Morehouse Parish economic development, and kids returning to school

“We, as leaders of the community, can get together and figure out what to do but not only on our own but with the input of the community.” She says

Senator Jackson says reinforcing the Morehouse police department is also one of their main goals to support and protect their community.

“well make sure they have qualified applicants and we kind of support them in the community and tell people to start applying with these police forces.” She says.

She says the city will also approach to create a church lead program.

“Let’s talk about how we can change our community and we can look at it in a different way but not only us. how we get ourselves out and help people who actually need help.”

Senator Katrina Jackson says their main goal is to engage with members of the community to work together. She also asks the residents if they see something to say something.