MONROE, La (KTVE/KARD)– The midterm elections are less than a month away. It’s important to know the constitutional amendments on the ballot.

Pearson Cross, a political science professor, told us more about Amendment 4. So what the amendment says in effect is that if your water system has suffered severe damage due to no fault of your own, but yet you’ve incurred charges because of that damage, say there’s been a hurricane or a flood or a storm or fire or something, you should not be liable for paying those water charges. So your local jurisdiction, whoever’s selling the water, would be able to say no, you’re not going to owe for that water that theoretically would be yours to pay. So they’re giving the value of that, so it’s a big change. “

Cross also spoke about the pros and cons. “You want to make sure that the government is not giving away things for free to specific citizens. Should government, on the other hand, be allowed to make some exceptions in cases where people have enormous bills for services or natural products like water due to no fault of their own? If so, a vote for this bill would allow local jurisdictions to waive charges to people who are faced with these kinds of environmental damage.