ATV Thefts: Law enforcement urge residents to take precaution


Multiple ATV thefts have been reported in different parishes, including here in Ouachita parish. A local salesman says two ATV’s have recently been stolen from his customers before they even got to use them.

That’s why it’s important to safeguard you four wheelers when they’re unattended. One tip, never leave the key in the ignition when you’re not using them. Sales reps say most brands have switched over to digitally encoded keys to prevent thefts from happening.

“Say if somebody steals your 4-wheeler they have to come up here, get another key, buy another key, and get it encoded to that machine again,” Matt Curtis, House of Cycles Sales Rep, said.

Curtis says this is why it is important to make sure to report your 4-wheeler stolen before the key gets changed.

“Because once they bring it up here and get a key made, it automatically flags our system that it is stolen,” Curtis said. “That way we can alert law enforcement and return the vehicle to you.”

It is also crucial to take a picture of the vin number located on the ATV in case of a theft.

“That’s what we go by in our system,” Curtis said. “We type in the VIN number and then we get law enforcement involved.”

Also make sure to park it in a secure location, rather than out in the open.

“Lock it up if possible in a garage not leave it free standing under a carport, most importantly- just take the keys out,” Curtis said.

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