MONTROSE, Ark. (KTVE/KARD)–Residents in the community woke up to a destructive sight after a possible tornado swept through an Ashley County town on Monday night.

“It was jaw-dropping to see this… This is the worst I’ve ever seen…”

Teresa Gilmore and her family were in their home when they heard sirens going off. That warning gave them just enough notice to evacuate their home immediately.

“We didn’t hesitate. We just jumped up, jumped in the car and left… Five minutes later, this house that was back there… was up there, flipped over. Our vehicles, everything we have in it is gone. It was a split second. No time to think about grabbing this or grabbing that,” added Gilmore.

Although her family’s home is a total loss, she is grateful that no one was injured.

“We can get this back… but these people that I love more than life… I couldn’t imagine losing them…”

Many residents in the community are asking surrounding communities for help. They are in need of clothing, food items, and monetary donations. Anyone can drop off donations at Montrose City Hall, which is located at 1408 Hwy 165 North.