‘Wrong is wrong,’ Sharpton calls for inter-racial support in white teen’s killing by law enforcement

Arkansas News

BEEBE, Ark. (KTVE/KARD) 7/8/21 — Family and friends gathered to remember the life of a white teenager who was shot and killed by a Lonoke County Sheriff’s Deputy last month.

Civil rights activist Reverend Al Sharpton eulogized Hunter Britian, 17. Attorney Ben Crump, who is representing the family, offered remarks.

“Look at what God is doing, Hunter’s death is going to play a part in changing the world,” Pastor Rick Lehr said.

Britain was shot and killed by former Sergeant Michael Davis during a traffic stop in Lonoke County on June 23. The Arkansas State Police are conducting an independent investigation into the shooting.

According to the Lonoke County Sheriff John Staley, there isn’t any surveillance video of the moments leading up to the shooting or when the deputy fired his weapon.

In a video released to Facebook, Sheriff Staley said his Davis didn’t have turn on his body camera footage until after the shooting occurred. Davis was fired on July 1 for violating policy. No charges have been filed against him as of yet.

“Wrong is wrong.. whether you have on blue jeans or a blue uniform,” Rev. Sharpton said.

Hundreds from near and far filled the Beebe High School gym in solidarity. George Floyd’s uncle, Sewyn Jones, was also in attendance.

“We’ve gone through the same situation and it puts a different light because it was beautiful to see Ben Crump and their representative and Al Sharpton on stage,” Jones said.

“For all these years, it’s been about black men. It’s been about police brutality with our race. Now, we see this isn’t a black thing or a white thing. It’s a people thing and it needs to stop.”

Those that attended the crowd wanted to also convey the same message.

Several members of the North Little Rock Chapter of the National Advancement of Color People attended the funeral and have planned rallies in support of the teen and his family.

“Black or white, justice is justice like Martin Luther King said so we have to come together and stop this police brutality and stop qualified immunity,” Bobby Forrest said.

Britian took his last ride in the truck where he spent some of his last moments. Leaders are calling for this death to be a wake up call for those who have sat silent for so long against police reform, asking for inter-racial support.

“Attorney Crump told me that all Hunter had in his hand was an antifreeze container. Maybe that’s Hunter’s message to us,” Rev. Al Sharpton said.

“That we have been frozen in our own race, class, zone, comfort level… Get out of your frozen place and let’s stand together. Let’s unite together. Let’s fight together. Let’s march together. Let’s stand together. It’s antifreeze time.”

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