Who killed Truth Turner? Family still seeking for answers three years after her death

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EUDORA, Ark. (12/4/19) — Three years have passed since the death of Truth Rae’Mello Kalize Turner. Her family is still seeking answers.

Relatives and friends of the toddler can’t rest until someone is convicted of her murder.

Truth’s grandmother loves talking about her grandchildren and loves spending time with them but it’s difficult to enjoy them all when one is missing.

“Oh my God. They’re my world. I wouldn’t take nothing for none of them,” Junia Smart said. “It’s hard to look at all of your grand kids and know that there’s one that’s not there.”

Police were called to the 200 block of S. Mabry St., on October 9, 2016 around 11 p.m. They found four people in the home. Three of them had been shot, including 19 month old Truth Rae’Mello Kalize Turner and her parents Viniki Hannley and Trentin Turner.

Truth’s cousin was also in the home but was the only one that wasn’t shot. However, she’s still paying from that heinous crime.

“She saw a lot that night,” Viniki Hannley said. “She has nightmares. She asks her mom what was that jelly stuff coming out of Truth head. She saw a lot of stuff that a child shouldn’t have to see.”

Turner was airlifted to Arkansas Children’s Hospital but she died days later. Turner’s parents recovered from their injuries. Fast forward three years, and there has only been one arrest.

Tristan Taylor, 18, of Eudora, was arrested in September 2017 and charged with terroristic acts but the charges were later dismissed due to a lack of evidence.

Since then, Truth’s family feel like the case has been forgotten.

“The investigation is stalled. I feel like there’s nothing going on,” Angella Woods, Truth’s great aunt said. “I feel like it’s gotten cold to a lot of people. If we don’t bring it back up, it’s going to go away and I don’t want it to go away.”

The family is concerned with the way the case was handled since the night of the shooting and as time continues to go by, justice still hasn’t been served.

“It doesn’t seem like much effort was put into it in the beginning. It’s sad. It’s real sad,” Hanney said. “A lot of stuff was swept under the rug.”

The family knows someone knows something. They also know an arrest won’t bring Truth back but it will help the family gain closure.

“Put the shoe on the other foot,” Truth’s mother said. “If it was your baby in the comfort of her own home, sleep. Wouldn’t you want to know? Wouldn’t you want to know.”

Until someone is found guilty, Truth’s family has one goal in mind and hopes others will join in too.

“Speak up and keep the Truth name alive,” Truth’s aunt, Travisty Turner said.

Truth’s first and last time saying ‘I love you’ was the Sunday she was killed. Travisty didn’t know she would never get to hear those words from her niece.

The family is reminded of Truth’s warm personality and is comforted just a little at the thought of seeing her smile and play around.

“She was fun. She was always happy,” Truth’s mother said. “That’s the best to describe her because she was just happy all the time.”

Multiple attempts were made to contact the Police Chief at the Eudora Police Department but calls were never returned. Investigators with Arkansas State Police were also contacted but they didn’t respond to a request for questions.

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