United States Marines Veteran recovers from COVID-19 after spending 68 days in the hospital

Arkansas News

EL DORADO, Ark.(KTVE/KARD) — A United States Marines Veteran who served in the Vietnam War is finally home after spending two months in the hospital battling COVID-19.

Gordon Hite, 72, doesn’t remember much from his time there but he say it’s a feeling he has never experienced before. He was tested for the virus one day and the next day he was being spent to the emergency room.

“The doctor walked in and said I see you’re in the miracle room. He said this man is a miracle. It’s a miracle he’s still here,” his wife Karen Hite said.

The virus was no match for Gordon but it did put up a fight. He was tested for the virus one day and the next day he was being sent to the emergency room at the Medical Center of South Arkansas. Days later, he was being taken to a hospital in Little Rock.

At some points during his journey there were were moments he doubted if he would make it out alive. He was on a ventilator and unconscious for approximately six weeks.

“Being in the hospital up there was kind of like being in boot camp. Bootcamp was tough and so was this,” he said. “I had nightmares but that wasn’t fun at all.”

Hite was completely isolated and hooked up to multiple machines and tubes that helped keep him alive. He says his body was so weak he couldn’t even roll over.

He needed to be lifted to just to get in and out bed but his military skills kicked in and soon after he only needed a brace as protection.

“Everyone across the nation was praying for him,” his wife said.

She checked in with the doctors twice a day and posted the daily updates to her Facebook page. Friends near and far wished him well.

Hite says it’s support that gave him the boost he needed to stand here today. He said he didn’t believe just how dangerous the virus could be but now he knows it’s not a hoax.

“I wasn’t so sure it was affecting people like they said it was until I got it,” he said.

After several days of rehabilitation he was able to walk again and on Oct. 16, he was able to walk in the front of his home.

He’s now surrounded by the ones he loves the most, cherishing every moment he almost lost.

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